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Who We Are
How We Are

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Are You Ready For Answers About The World We Live In?
Do You Have A Perspective About How We Can Improve Social  Relationships?

ASB Marketing LLC wants to understand the "WHY". 

Why are good people confused about making good decisions?

Why are people discontent and feeling trapped?

Are race and ethnic relations changing in good directions in our world?

How do you define yourself and others?

How do you define "HOMELAND" and why is that important?

ASB Marketing LLC understands that the answers must come from ourselves. We must listen and learn. We must learn how to "get along" to survive. It is critical for a complex world to take time to figure this out.

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Learn History

Black History FACTS not Theory

Black History

Attend Workshops

We offer online and onsite workshops on many contemporaty issues. Some are free and some are limited seating paid events. 

Discussion Groups

What say YOU and what say THEM. Find out by attending our discussion groups.

Research Participation

Are you serious about the WHYS of social interaction and ethnic relationships? Looking for a few good participants who are willing to be honest about who they are ane what they believe.

Solutions To Problems Grow Out of Acquired Knowledge
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