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Why should I learn

Black History?

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Because this is history

we should all know

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In multi-ethnic societies we tend to care primarily for our group which naturally breeds conflicts, competition and discrimination. Learning history can be a basis for understanding each other and Homeland bonding.

What history did you learn in school that permits better knowledge of Black Americans?

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Name 10

Black Inventors

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Did you know that 

Black Americans are 

"a native culture" with

no other Homeland?

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Ok, this is easy, name 5

contributions Blacks have

added to the American Culture

Did you know that former slaves became millionaires?

Did you know a former slave owned a utility company in Montana?

Did you know a former slave was the Potato King of the World in 1902?

Did you know that Booker T. Washington was a former slave?

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Are you guessing? Or Do You Know?
Families learning Black History together is a time to meet American Heros and Sheros that you may not have heard about. This program will make you feel good about the accomplishments of hundreds of Black men and women, some in partnership with like-thinking white Americans to build a great nation. Yes, there are messages of slavery, Jim Crow and racial discrimination. That is part of the history. But, this program is presented for family learning, not to horrify or traumatize. There is far more overcoming, reaching dreams and celebrating love of country. No time for guilt and shame. This is about meeting proud Americans and knowing their stories.
Introductory Set 1 is now available. Watch the video below and order today.

America represents a splendid fabric of cultures that contribute to a unique blend


What are you teaching your children about Black History?

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