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About the Presenter
Addi Banks
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Addi Banks understands the importance of knowing who we are, our history and connecting "all" people in the discussion of race in America.

From her exposure to segregation and growing up on military bases where lifelong friendships began with other races and ethnic groups, to her study of sociology, Ms. Banks has tailored workshops based upon undisputed truths, balanced presentations of historical perspectives, and a respect for the impact of human nature that dictates universal behaviors.  All of this points towards a need for better education to form an understanding of each other and to develop paths to reconciliation for America and our world.


Ms. Banks holds a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Sociology and taught the subject for years. In 2011, she authored Homeland, My Place Called Downhome, An ADOS Perspective which is available in the STORE and at Lulu Press Bookstore.


Understanding Race Workshops 

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ASB Marketing Workshops

Workshops are academic-based and developed for interactive learning covering social issues related to racial and ethnic relations and how history impacts our relationships. We acknowledge that all of us are impacted by differences including color, ethnicity, social order, as well as social stratification. Now, we explore ourselves first, our community, and our world to understand who we are and how we got there. Then we can begin to understand how to create paths for reconciliation and begin the healing process.

We offer a 2 1/2-hour series in five parts.  

Color Blind

Race in America basics. Why you cannot escape behind Color Blindness. Race is

the air that we breathe every day. It defines us and impacts our American journey.

Defining Race

Race is more than a dictionary term. It is an adjective. Before discussing race, we must define it for you individually and collectively.

Teaching Stereotypes

So you think you learned those views about others from the atmosphere? No, you were trained from birth within a system created by your power brokers. Now, you teach it to your children.

Advertising Changes

We acknowledge the power of advertising to mold values and dreams.  Ethnic understandings are seen in advertising and absorbed into our conscious and subconscious beings. Let's look at advertising then and now.

Can We Get Along? 

Bees do it. Animals do it, too. They protect what they own. It is basic to look out for our group first.                               CAN WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?

Scheduled Workshops

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Discussion Groups

Your opinion and experiences COUNT! How can we communicate effectively without talking together for understanding?

ASB Marketing LLC talks with people representing different race and ethnic groups, span of ages, citizen statuses, and identity markers to obtain insight into lifestyles, beliefs, and behaviors.

This is serious research conducted in a confidential and respectful manner. Confidentiality is essential to ensure honest and open beliefs about their truths. Participants are screened to allow only those sincere about credible outcomes in an arena that is safe and guilt-free. 

Discussion will be held on several topics related to human behavior, social systems, worldview, homeland principles, and critical issues impacting our world today. Political issues and opinions will NOT be our focus.

Interactive learning while contributing to data collection makes this experience fun and instructive. Free discussion groups are held on a signup basis. Workshop discussion groups are subject to a small participation fee with limited seating. 

Root Causes Research

ASB Marketing LLC seeks answers to WHY 

Why do humans behave and specifically interact with others in a predictable manner?

How can we obtain information to better understand these dynamics toward common goals for cooperation and general well-being?

What can we tell each other about our realities in a respectful manner?

If you are interested in participating in a series of research projects to help ASB Marketing LLC obtain these answers, we want to hear from you. We will seek the roots of race relations in America and around the world.

Discussion Groups For You

Would you be interested in ASB Marketing LLC conducting race and ethnic relations discussion groups for your organization? 

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