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About the Presenter
Addi Banks
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Addi Banks understands the importance of understanding who we are, history and the need to connect "all" people in the discussion of race in America.

From her exposure to segregation, growing up on military bases where lifelong friendships began with other races and ethnic groups, to her study of sociology, Ms. Banks has tailored workshops based upon undisputed truths, balanced presentations of historical perspectives and respect for human nature. All towards better understanding of each other and a path to racial reconciliation for America and our world.

Om 2011, she authored the book Homeland, My Place Called Downhome, An ADOS Perspective that is available on Amazon and Lulu Press Bookstore.


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Why do we expect people to think and act outside of human nature when they have been successfully oriented to the belief systems they were born into?


Workshops                             Teaching Black American History

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Our workshops are both interactive and have a lecture presentation format. They cover topics related to race relations and history that impact our relationships. We acknowledge that all are affected by color, ethnicity, social order and stratification within society. Now, we explore ourselves, our world and create paths for understanding and reconciliation because that begins the healing process.

ASB Hope Workshops present fact driven truths rather than emotional responses to difficult issues and interaction

makes it personal for every participant.

Formats are groomed for all ages, including youth and children. Contact us for individual cost sessions and group options. We offer a 3 hours condensed version of  the 5 part series.  

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Embracing American history is knowing the experiences of all race and ethnic groups. Black American history has been sparsely taught which perpetuates continued race myths that acts to maintains systemic racism. These misconceptions about contributions of all Americans, particularly Black Americans who are native people here, must be addressed before we can repair relationships.

Teaching opportunities include videos, materials and lectures with discussions that will certainly enhance knowledge of our great country and the equally great people from all backgrounds.

Look for our Lunchtime sessions to bite off some Black History.


Lectures range from 45 minutes to one hour and a half.  

Discussion Groups

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Your opinion and experiences COUNT! How can we communicate effectively without talking together for understanding?

ASB can facilitate race discussions at your meeting place. We will provide the tools and materials, you bring the desire to learn and share.

We are planning regular Let's Talk sessions to explore race from a uniquely inspired small group interaction format that will focus on a topic or media report. We will get at the roots of race in America and around the world.

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ASB Marketing introduces Homeland Principles to better understand basic truths about our and every homeland. 

Identity drives who we are and informs us about others. We explore how Homeland determines behavior, ideals, world views and group relationships. As citizens of the world we must seek truths for practicing love and respect for Every Homeland. 

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