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Black American History?

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We must know true American History to understand the people who share our space. More than that, we must know each other to love and respect each other. This podcast will assist you as a smooth, effortless route to a wide range of topics and information.


Know Black History is a patron supported podcast that all supporters join for $5 per month to get new history installments every day. We learn, we dialogue, we share, we open doors to racial reconciliation. 


                               “We must live together as brothers

                                or perish together as fools.”  

                                                      Martin Luther King Jr.

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Black American History

Good Black History

Black History Pictures

Black Women In History

Every Generation Series

Black American Firsts

civil rights movement

black inventors

Our Slavery Story

black on stamps

blacks in sports

blacks in military

blacks in business

blacks in advertising

blacks in art

blacks in literature

blacks in government

blacks vaudeville series

harlem renaissance series

history and today

national business league series


black american culture

Black Quotes

Atrocity news

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A Celebration

Know Our Truths


"Mrs. Banks produces empowering factual information about our history as a people ..... class is in session."      Donald Brumfield Jr

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