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Celebrate Your History and Your Legacy
See The Truth of Black American Achievement Through The Generations


What Do We Know About 
Black American History?

Far less than we should know. Garvey said that if we knew the greatness from which we came we would be less likely to disrespect ourselves. Black history is witness to the stories of challenge and success that shaped a people. Knowing their stories will allow us to appreciate their legacies and inspire HOPE for tomorrow.


Why Does This Matter?

One of the greatest insults to Black Americans is the perpetuation of myths that they did not make significant contributors to America's greatness. Negative images continue to define Blacks as less than. Knowing the history of overcoming throughout every generation in America will educate all of us. Telling our history exposes truths about a people that cannot be denied. America needs to embrace these truths. 


What Should We Know About Slavery?

Slavery was living hell. But, they lived to give life to Black Americans. They also left an overcoming culture and a spirit to survive. They left stories of unbelievable pain and suffering and overwhelming life challenges. Many slaves fought back against inhuman treatment and found ways to improve this land that is America. Appreciate them and feel the pride of who they were and what they gave us.


Knowing Our History Can Improve Outcomes for Our Youth.

The Journal of Child Development published research affirming that a Black child’s desire to learn about their race can help them academically. That “racial socialization”—teaching kids about their culture and involving them in activities that promote racial pride and connection—helps to offset the discrimination and racial prejudices children face in the outside world.

Ming-Te Wang and James P. Huguley of the University of Pittsburg and Harvard University respectively.


How Did Blacks Help Build American? 

From the first Black person in the Colonies to President Obama's election, Blacks have strived to earn first class citizenship. From service in every war fought for this land to life changing inventions and intellectual contributions in music, math, food and sports, Black Americans claim their place in this land.  Black Americans have excelled in every area of life here and have blended with immigrants from around the globe to build this great country.


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Why Blacks Are 'Native' Americans

Black slaves came from West Africa and later from Western Islands to a foreign land and were robbed of language, family and culture. The result is that today, Black Americans have no known relatives elsewhere and no known commitment to any foreign country or culture. Black Americans are NOT immigrants. They are uniquely fashioned 

from African, Native American and European  traditions and cultures. Blacks throughout the African diaspora honor their histories, traditions, cultures and experiences that are unique to them. American Blacks know bonds and traditions that are native to America.

By Jamaal Abdul-Alim    

March 15, 2016

The Impact of Hope

I"Hope is a strong predictor of academic success, including graduation from college," said Shane Lopez, senior scientist at Gallup.

High school students who are engaged and hopeful are about 1.6 times more likely to report that they are headed to a two-year or four-year college after high school, compared to actively disengaged and discouraged high school students.

"It's a better predictor than the ACT, SAT, and high school GPA," said  Lopez.

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