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Americans of different ethnicities and histories 
What "truths" guide our relationships with each other? 

Welcome to ASB HISTORY

Learning the history of ethnic groups is essential in a multicultural society because it impacts how they live together. All write history, however, messages of certain interest groups dominate and their perspective of "true" history is often received as the only truth. We interact with others according to the knowledge that we are taught.

Black American history, while being American history is debated by citizens concerning what parts should be shared, particularly with school children. Why is this, when historical truths are documented in records to be learned from? If we are ashamed of historical facts, it is no excuse for dismissing them. This is particularly relevant when daily news reports evidence misunderstandings about "others" when actions result from racial and ethnic stereotypes. 

Learning all of the history reveals little-known truths about cooperation as well as atrocities visited upon ethnic groups in every society that are "different" than the dominate group.

There Is HOPE In Learning History

History Posters

History comes alive with beautiful full color 11x17 posters covering a wide selection of events, people, and important Black American timelines that teach far more than slavery. We include the challenges met and overcome. Blacks Americans did not achieve success alone, but with good and caring people of many ethnicities that forged a country that draws worldwide interest in sharing the "American Dream." We include their stories.

Find posters about Black history heros and sheroes, cowboys and soldiers. Black business success, BLACK FIRSTS, Black inventors who received patents prior to 1900, and greatness in every generation. 

     Great classroom history materials

History Programs

We Must Be Taught

Education. Schools, and institutions of learning are created for one purpose; to inform about how to live better and wiser. Beyond basic education, skills for daily living improve quality of life. An essential feature of lifestyle quality is safety and wellness. Conflicts around the world show that this is not a given with escalations rather than learning ways to "get along."

ASB History offers history lessons for family, school, organization,  and church programs.

Know Black History Podcast 

Library of over 2000 history posts, pictures and videos since 2019 will jumpstart your expert knowledge of Black History. Patreon subscription $5 per month.

History Videos

Take a look and see history unfold at ASB History YouTube channel. We admit to a mission here.

ASB tends to focus on less-known people and events that show great Black achievements. There is HOPE in History, learning that despite the challenges, every generation of Black Americans has flown high to victory. Be informed. Be INSPIRED. 

Durham, NC was hailed as a showplace of Black business, civic, and social achievements. Durham BBS YouTube channel highlights city and state history. We encourage individuals and educators to tap into these historical resources to expand  "Tarheel" pride of achievement. It's also great fun!  Durham BBS YouTube channel.


ASB History Teaches

We are seeking individuals who want to share their thoughts about what is happening in the news. It takes all of us to understand race and ethnic relations. Will you sign up for surveys? Workshops are great ways to learn and share. We will facilitate them locally and online. Get notification of workshops and events, Get in touch with us if you are interested in one or all of these activities.   Thanks 

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Featured Poster

Learning Black American history

During and after slavery, outstanding creators of fashions have been part of Black American history. This poster features three designers including Elizabeth Hobbs Keckley who made clothes for First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln, Zelda Wynn Valdes, designer for the stars and creator of the Playboy Bunny outfit. Finally, Ann Cole Lowe, who designed the gowns for the Jackie Bouvier Kennedy wedding party. Own this poster for $5. Contact ASB Marketing LLC located 411 W. Chapel Hill Street (Mutual Bldg.) Durham, NC 27701. Contact information at

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